Sunday, 25 March 2012

Water Crane.

This is one of those kits (if you can call it that) you can make in a few idle minutes.
I picked it up from the Secondhand Stall some time ago for a few pence.Made some years ago by Mikes Models,I think it captures the look of the prototype perfectly.
Comprising of five parts, the main pipework comes as one piece, plus a base, drain and funnel.The support wire on top appears to be nickel silver, the rest is cast white metal.
Superglue was the chosen adhesive, a quick undercoat and then the colours you see applied.
It will stand slightly in front of the Engine Shed with the drain and funnel.
Took longer to type this than make the kit actually! Oh, and about five minutes to paint if you take out drying times.

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