Friday, 30 September 2011


I have been reminded that I haven't mentioned the track I am using for 'Teignford'.
Here are samples of the system used-PECO. This is their Hom track with 12mm gauged rail. I had considered using some of Hugh's excellent handbuilt points with Society sleepers but as I have been invited to an exhibition already, then this was the easy and quicker option. Don't worry- the copperclad points are earmarked for another project.
The advantage with the PECO product is that it is quick to lay and robust for exhibition purposes.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

BR Mark 1 Bogie Side Frame

This is the side frame casting that will be used with some of the rake of Mark1 coaches being made.
Part CBR 126 in the 3mm Society range, one of numerous types available, they are the first Mark1 bogie and applicable to Teignford's timescale. Later types are available.
Mastered by Bruce Hoyle, this cruelly enlarged picture shows the excellence of Bruce's work.
Needing a little cleaning up of flash, they are then ready for use. They will be fitted to 3SMR bogie frames and, when completed, attached to the underframe of the coach previously mentioned.
At least one coach will have the original Kitmaster frames attached to etched bogies-I look forward to the comparison.