Friday, 24 February 2012

Ballasted track.

Well, this bit of track has dried and I am happy with the outcome. Trust me, the other side of the track is weathered.
Now the track must be thoroughly cleaned and any rougue pieces of ballast removed- usually they lurk between check rails and abve rail chairs.
So, out with the track rubber and fiberglass brush to make sure that running is smooth.
I have not had a stuck point this time because I set each one at mid-throw so there was no blade contact.
Just one more board to do and running checked before scenery!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Securing rail at Baseboard edge.

 One thing I have omitted to do is describe the method I use when crossing baseboard joints.
I have found it particularly difficult to get decent photos of the track, the camera always wants to focus on something else!
However, I hope these pics will give you an idea on how I did it.
Firstly, with the boards all joined up, the track laid where it should go. the points where the rails crossed the joints were marked and the track removed. Small brass (MUST be brass) screws were inserted into pre-drilled holes. the depth of the insertions are determined by the track just sliding over the top of the screws. The screws were tinned and the track
base removed at this area. The trackwork was
refitted and heat applied to bond the screws and track together.
When sure that the lot has been bonded, the track is
 cut through with a razor saw, cleaned up and hopefully this will keep the ends of the trackwork in line for a very long time.
 Now each time the boards are joined the track will align if this method, together with the board aligners have been used.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Wagon Loads.

This is one of the wagons that were weathered by Tom Rayer at Westfest. It is a PP28 drop side 5 plank wagon to a BR Design. PIPE wagon to you or me- it says so on the side!
The wagon load is one of the cast offerings for 4mm. However, if you cut it to length to fit then it looks OK to me for 3mil.
I am considering weathering all the stock on Teignford which will mean a separate stock so maybe the lot gets the treatment.