Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Cattle Dock.

 With the upright posts cut there is the small matter of making 30 odd square holes in the base.
First a pilot hole was drilled at each post point, then opened out to something near the post width, then each hole was filed out to make a square just large enough to take the post.
As can be seen, several posts are in place, I must fix the rest of the base to keep the floor square- it has slightly warped since making the holes and fitting the first few postes.
I have some 1.2mm T shaped plastruct which, although wrong for wooden posts, will give a representation of Bridge Rail along the sides.


  1. Good model. What did you use for the posts as you don't appear to say.

  2. Plastic square rod-1.5mm IIRC- posts should be 7inches, as said, should be bullhead rail but the time taken to do it this way- I daren't think how long to file holes fro bullhead. Incidentally, Plastruct do a type of moulding for bullhead rail.
    Basically, square holes with posts pushed in flush to base.

  3. Thanks Steve often wondered how to do the posts. Keep up the good work, enjoy the blog for both layouts. Steve D