Friday, 10 February 2012


 My least favourite part of the layout building processis ballasting.
After a lot of time spent getting the layout running, then it is covered with glue and grit and afterwards still ,hopefully, works!
These are the ingredients. Ballast- in this case 'N' Gauge granite, Mist spray bottle, Eye Dropper, soft brush and glue.
The spray bottle has a couple of drops of Washing up liquid added- breaks surface tension and helps the glue flow around the ballast without it lumping.
The eye dropper is for applying the glue, the brush is to spread the ballast between the sleepers and to create a shoulder at the track edge.
The glue I use is a PVA, sold cheaply in Poundland for mmm- a Pound! This is watered down with about 50% water and a couple of drops of washing up liquid to ease the surface tension- not too much or the whole lot disappears under a sea of bubbles.

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