Saturday, 17 December 2011

Prototype Inspiration

 Before commencing the construction of the buildings we need a plan-literally. However, the eventual creations will not be slavish copies but an interpretation of those buildings which existed on various locations around my chosen area.
So, a search through my modest library came up with these tomes in the top picture.
These books contain much information and more importantly-Plans! The infrastructure of many railways followed a theme - builders and architects, materials used in construction etc.
The drawings also importantly give a good idea of the size of the finished model- will it fit the available area, nothing more daunting than finishing a model to find it wont fit or the available space is too small (been ther and done it).
 The drawing on the right is from a book detailing the Helston Branch. Included with it are a set of drawings of, not only Helston, but Nancegollan and Praze. These were three sheets attached to the rear inner of the cover. The drawings were to 4mm Scale but a trip to the local printers produced a set in 3mm Scale- for my own use -Not for gain I may add.So now I have a good idea on how the sizes of the buildings will be and can move on to making them.

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