Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Whether to Weather.

 As part of Westfest , Tom, The Weatherman kindly attended. He agreed to weather some of the groups wagons.The three pictured are wagons built by me some time ago.
Unfortunately the varnish decided to turn white in places, the reasons for this are not completely clear.
However, I decided that these three were ideal candidates for treatment and the results you see are how they turned out.
I didn't want really heavy treatment and am very pleased with the outcome.
In fact, Tom will be invited to one of the Dorset Group meetings in the future. He is going to supply us with a shopping list so each of us can replicate his methods ourselves.
 I am undecided whether all the stock will be so treated but the idea is growing on me after seeing the results Tom has achieved.
It will probably first appear on Teignford and then who knows?

1 comment:

  1. First rate weathering. Not over-done like many I see. When I can do as well as this I shall feel extremely satisfied. The man is an artist.