Sunday, 4 September 2011


First picture of the main boards of Teignford. The two station boards are made from 9mm ply braced by 2x1 inch softwood. Legs are attached to these two boards. A horizontal extension, to the left of the boards, contain the point controls and section switches. There are not enough switches to justify a control panel,plus the wiring is considerably reduced.
The whole lot is controlled from 'HH' controller connected by 5pin DIN plugs. Board connection is by 15 way 'D' plugs.
The end board is designed to fold in half when not in use, this is 9mm chipboard supported also by2x1 softwood. At the moment this is supported on trestles but will have bolt on legs attached later. The fiddle yard is also the same material as the main station boards.
Next I will try and explain the method of point, or turnout, control.

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  1. Hi Steve

    Just looked at the pics of the new trackwork.

    It looks very nicely laid, but not very adventurous 'style' wise.

    Is this a real layout, or imaginary?

    If real, then fine, that's how it was, but if fictional, then it doesn't look very interesting to operate. Won't you get bored?

    Or are you a non-operational guy like Mr Sutton?


    ted b